Thursday, 14 January 2010

10. Long ships to the Golden Devil

Sovereign of the Seas or The Golden Devil

Here we look at the origins of the English Navy the development of the Navy Royal and it’s reorganisation and formation of the Royal Navy.

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  1. I just finished listening to the final episode of this series so thought I'd post my comment here right back where it began. This is a simply wonderful podcast that has been painstakingly put together by Tony Cocks. No radio or television company could do a series of this quality and epic scale anymore because these it wouldn’t stand up commercially or be able to fight for a place within air time available, it would certainly take a brave person to book something like this into the schedule! It’s done purely for the love of the subject matter and is all the better for it, plus of course the format lends its self to epic series like this, who cares if it takes 2 years!
    I love Tony’s work; in fact I think Tony, Mike Duncan and Lars Brownworth are the masters of the form. People like Dan Carlin are fine but the way Tony, Mike and Lars go about telling their tales really lets the subject unfold it’s self in a way that draws you in naturally and holds you in a warm and fascinating bubble, it’s immensely pleasurable. They don’t go in for theatrics or over sensationalising already amazing history, they tell the story in a way that lets the history be the star and in doing so have become towering figures within the genre of the history podcast, no one else comes close to these 3.
    I can’t wait to see were Tony takes us next!