Saturday 29 May 2010

15. The Reign of Terror to Trafalgar

The power balance in Europe is fundamentally changed by the French Revolution leading to war in Europe and a life and death struggle between Britain and France.  Two men came to personify this period: Bonaparte and Nelson.
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  1. Hey Tony, finished the podcast. You don't fool around in comprehension and quality do ya? Took me three battery charges on the mp3 to get through it (kidding). It has been a long wait, but a great cast, loved the voice and tone changes used when doing a quote, gives the whole thing a great depth. Overall its up to the excellent standards you have set yourself and we know and appreciate.

    But one question? when's the next one out?? hmm? hmm? No resting on your laurels, you caused the addiction you have to feed it, already hungry for more ;)

  2. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for yet another great podcast. I've been refreshing my iTunes everyday in anticipation of new episodes.

    Just one thing about the last podcast: At approximately 21:55 you mention that Nelson was promoted to commander and post captain to the brig Badger and that the term 'post captain' was used to identify a person that commanded a vessel but didn't hold the rank of captain. But surely the correct term for the rank Nelson held in the Badger must be 'master and commander'. In the navy of Nelsons time, it was actually the rank of 'post captain' that was the all important career goal of every junior officer. To be 'made post' meant that promotion to admiral was automatic, "death, dishonor and disease notwithstanding", as you so eloquently put it.

    "Master and commander", ranking above lieutenant but below post captain was a rank that far from all officers ever held in their careers since some were promoted directly from lieutenant to post captain and other went other paths. This rank was a stepping stone for some officers like Nelson, but proved a career dead end for others.

    As for the title of "captain" this is a term that ads to the confusion. By naval custom, any naval officer who commands a ship is addressed as "captain" while aboard that ship, regardless of their rank.

    Svante Lindholm - Stockholm, Sweden

  3. Love/Hate relationship...

    I love you podcast. I hate waiting six months for it. I love that when you get it out it's mega/epic! I hate that now that I've listened I'll have to watch the seasons turn again before I hear another new one...

  4. WONDERFUL podcast. Keep 'em coming!