Monday 6 February 2012

20. When is a Trading Company not a Trading Company?

War maybe Hell but it’s also very, very expensive and like almost every other country European country in the early 1700s England was deeply in debt.  Enter the South Sea Company and a story that mixes avarice, corruption, deceit, international intrigue and vast sums of other people’s money all topped off with political infighting and an unpopular monarch. 

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  1. Hi Tony. What a pleasant surprise to see the new podcast arrive. I applaud the topic, as it is both historical and timely. Financing wars with market bubbles, eh? Sounds ripped from the current headlines.

    Listeners who are interested in the subject and time period might enjoy The Baroque Cycle written by Neal Stephenson. The fictional account includes much on the advent of finance, stock markets, rise of the Royal Society, etc. And it's a cracking good story as well. The books are titled:

    Quicksilver, Vol. I of the Baroque Cycle
    The Confusion, Vol. II of same
    The System of the World, Vol. III of same

    Again, if listeners are interested, these books will go a long way in keeping their minds engaged as we collectively wait for the next BTHP to arrive (sorry, couldn't help myself).

    Love the podcast - thanks for all the effort.

    Mr. Spell

  2. Awesome! Just listened to new podcast, this was a pleasant surprise to me as well. Just wanted to add my voice to the cacophany encouraging more!

  3. I have recently discovered the Binge Thinking History Podcast and have listened to them all with enjoyment. An interesting, lyrical approach to good subjects - some well known, others less so. (Putney Debates - brilliant!). I would hope to hear a follow up soon. A fun read to go along with this topic is "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds," by McKay. Thank you for a nice way to exercise the mind and ears.

  4. Found you via Stitcher's recommendations for dan carlin's Common Sense. I really really enjoyed these last two episodes...please keep it up!!

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