Monday 28 April 2014

22. The Decline and Fall of the British Aircraft Industry

The post war years are seen by many and with some justification to be a golden age of British aero engineering. But with too many companies chasing a dwindling number of contracts and a Government that didn’t know the first thing about jet aircraft the ‘golden age’ wasn't going to last long.
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  1. Hi Tony--What is the best way to contact you about a new book we're releasing ( We think author Dale Laackman would make a great guest on your podcast.

    Sharon Woodhouse

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Best way is

  3. Great to see the BTHP back! Just one comment - the sound effect used for 'quotations' (from Churchill, Lloyd George and others in this episode) is rather 'harsh' and difficult to listen to. Maybe you can adjust something in the audio to solve this.

    Great content as always.

  4. Hi Tony! This is Scott C. of The Ancient World podcast, just wanted to swing by and let you know what an absolute pleasure your series is to listen to. Really enjoying it, keep up the great work! PS And just as a counterbalance to Will (above), I'm a big fan of your "quotations" effect!

  5. Excellent podcast. Worth waiting for. Maybe this time the wait could be a teenie bit shorter. Your treatment of your material is fascinating.
    I don't know what you have planned next. Maybe to do something different, you could look at the life and times of Field Marshals Montgomery and Rommel or Alexander the Great or the defeat of the Picts in ancient Britain? Anything would be great.

  6. Hi there. Great to see you back with another excellent podcast. I had nearly given up on you so was pleasant surprise when a new episode of BTH appeared in podkicker!

  7. Just found your podcast a week ago. Listened to them all since. .good stuff. Not too long at all. Looking forward to more. Thank you. Douglas McKee